For bruises, dark pigments and signs of ageing
At Hedgewitch Skincare, we use complete essential oils - balanced as nature intended

Our ethos

At Hedgewitch Skincare we believe in the simplicity of nature and its kindness to your skin so we don't add unnecessary ingredients - our formulations are simplicity itself .

Rather than use extracts and artificial fragrances, we only use the highest quality essential oils which are complete and unadulterated. That's why our products work and smell as nature intended.

Fade Away gel lets nature do all the work. Our high quality plant oils are present in meaningful quantities for maximum therapeutic effect. All have been chosen to tackle signs of bruising, skin pigment changes and ageing in different but complementary ways.

Buriti oil

Cold-pressed from the fruits of the Tree of Life


Essential oil from the flowers of Helichrysum, also known as Everlasting or the flower of youth


The king of oils, Frankincense essential oil works in harmony with its partners to even skin tone

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Incredibly light, this moisturising oil feels non-greasy and invigorating

Plant-based and cruelty free