For bruises, dark pigments and signs of ageing
At Hedgewitch Skincare, we use complete essential oils - balanced as nature intended

Lose the bruise...without needing make-up!

Lose the bruise...without needing make-up!

Until now, there's been very little you can do about reducing the appearance and duration of bruises other than use Arnica montana. Fade Away by Hedgewitch Skincare provides a natural alternative and has been found in our trials to reduce the time a bruise would normally take to disappear from 14 to just 7 days.

The combination of essential and cold-pressed plant oils in Fade Away helps disperse the discolouration associated with bruising more quickly while also soothing and moisturising your skin. 

Hedgewitch's non-greasy aloe vera gel formulation is suitable for application on the most sensitive skin after any accidental knock or post-aesthetic procedure.

Apply two to four times daily to lose that bruise!

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