For bruises, dark pigments and signs of ageing
At Hedgewitch Skincare, we use complete essential oils - balanced as nature intended

A best kept secret...

A best kept secret...

Have you ever looked at the label of your skincare products and wondered why there are so many ingredients? We did, and we decided there was no need to be so complex!

Instead, our approach is truly simple (unlike the well-known brand whose name implies it is). We use aloe vera gel as a base because, as well as its beneficial qualities, it's a brilliant carrier for the plant oils that really pack the punch in our products. By combining them together, we form an 'emugel' that delivers the essential oils right where they're needed in the epidermal layer.

At Hedgewitch, it's all about the plant oils; they are the stars of the show. We include them at therapeutic, safe levels, there's no skimping on quality or quantity here!

And plant oil quality is incredibly important to us. Fragrance oils and extracts don't have the same properties, and essential oil quality can vary considerably depending on how the parent plants are grown, the conditions they grow in, and how trustworthy the supplier is.

It's a little known fact that essential oils can be legally labelled as 'pure', yet be cut with cheaper oils to the extent that only 10% is the plant oil on the label. For this reason, we rigorously source our ingredients, and our suppliers grow their plants in a sustainable way.

The quality of the oils we use becomes most apparent when you smell our products; you will smell the difference. At Hedgewitch, we capture both the power of plants and the simplicity of nature; there's really nothing else like it!


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